Transistor: Waving at Marconi Where do all the sound waves  go? If it weren’t for the  Ionosphere, which bounces most  of them back, they would travel  into outer space. Waves from  earth sending messages to the  stars. We would be waving to  the universe. There is a house in Dartmoor, a haunted house, where people say they  have heard voices from the past. Ghosts. Old waves bouncing around the  rooms dispersing and condensing again, to be heard years after their  generation. ORIGINAL CREATIVE TEAM  Directed by: Nigel Luck & Janet Lee Performed by: Chris Williams, Emma Bacon,  Janet Lee & Nigel Luck Designed by: Nigel Luck “A combination of physical theatre and narrative with some mighty Strange sound textures.”                                                    X-Press MAgazine
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